Our Story

2020 marks our third year of operation and in terms of our unique selling points, we try to think about the little things that make the big differences for our clients. We differentiate ourselves by providing added extras, for example making sure that the hotel GM knows when a client is arriving. It makes all the difference to your trip when you feel treated like a VIP.

Our mission

We are now in our third year and during our second year, we achieved 1.7 million. This year we are going for three million. Our long term plan is to carry on expanding over the next few years. We would like to continue develop our team further and get some new staff working with us, helping to give our clients the best holidays possible.



We are an honor to make partnerships with a lot of hotels, flight companies, attractions and much more...



We have almost all kinds of properties which make a huge variety to allow you to choose from...



Wherever you want to go we will be your loyal guide there, and we are planning very hard to be around the planet too...



5000 bookings every year not that huge number, so we are planning to multiple this number during 2020...

Leadership Team

Ulrich Ghneim


Ruba Maola


Foad Mohamed

Transfer Manager

Mahmoud El-Sadany

Marketing Manager

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